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About the COVID customer registry

Where is my data stored?

Your contact informations are securely stored in an encrypted database managed by SaferCodes. To save you some from-filling time when you check-in the to other places, we also save your contact details in a cookie on your phone.

Who can access my contact informations?

The establishment staff can't see your name or your contact details when you check-in. In the event of COVID risk contamination, the business owner or health authorities can request a list of visitors' contact-information for a given day. There are no bulk export function, and customers can't be tracked from one place to the other. We closely monitor how these parties handles your data, and don't tolerate establishments that access customer data without a valid reason. Health authorities and merchants are also liable to treat your informations with the most precaution. As a guest, you can opt-in to the merchant newsletter when you check-in (this is always optional). The merchant will be able to add your name and email to their mailing list.

Will I receive emails or text messages?

No. We don't send emails to guests using the registry (check-in system). Health authorities might contact you in the event of a potential risk.

How long is my personal data stored?

30 days. After this timeframe, your check-in registration data is permanently deleted from our encrypted database.

Are you affiliated with governments, publishers, corporations, police or health authorities.

No. We are a small, independent, company striving to offer products that respects your privacy. We won't profit from your data. We're funded through merchants who want an efficient and independent platform.

Why Did you create this? Why are customer registry useful to fight COVID?

We wanted to create a relevant and efficient option to contact-tracing. One of the company founders originally worked on the contact-tracing project by the MIT. A top-down approach to contact-tracing is quite useful but it has severe limitations. If there's not enough people using the same tracking app, it highly reduces the system efficacy. Understandably, there's a lot of resistance to these government apps. In the wrong hands, they could be used for abusive control measures or unwelcome monitoring. This leaves the population and small businesses with bottom-up approach like customer registries. They nicely supplement top-down contact-tracing approaches, and improves citizen privacy through data fragmentation (private data is held in different customer registry and so it's much harder to piece an individual person journey).

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