The COVID bundle for small businesses.

10 simple tools leveraging QR codes

Your customers ❤️️ QR codes

10 sec check-in

Streamline your operations. Spend more time entertaining your customers instead of repeating policies, prices and WiFi passwords.

Secure & Trustable

Your customers data is safe. We don't sell or monetize data (we're 100% independent). To protect everyone's privacy, visitors' details is purged after 30 days.

Works on all phones

Our tools are carefully designed to be as as simple as possible. Customer-facing pages are available in French & English languages.

“SaferCodes is a killer marketing tool.”

Turn your visitors into ambassadors

Grow your mailing list

When your customers check-in, they'll have the option to op-in to your newsletter. We also have a Mailchimp integration.

Advanced tracking

Get precise metrics on your customers, QR codes scans and traffic. With GoogleAnalytics and FacebookPixel integrations, this will prove an invaluable tool.

Retarget visitors

Turn curious one-time visitors into repeat customers by targeting Facebook ads and special offers to people who recently check-in your locations.

More followers

Keep in youch with your best customers to keep them engaged.

5-stars reviews

Gather feedback from your customers. If they've enjoyed the food or drinks, help them leave a review on GoogleMaps, Yelp or TripAdvisors.

Created for restaurants, bars,
& local shops.


* Our QR code tools also works well for pet-shops, offices, gyms, festivals, condo building, concerts, spas, schools, barbers, yoga classes, funeral homes and zoos.

Powerful & Affordable

We support small, strong and independent businesses

Hands-on support

We'll help you setup all your QR codes. We also help businesses setup advanced workflows and systems. You're in good hands!

Spend less, go DIY

Print your stuff yourself. There's no need for expensive business softwares & consultants here.


You can tweak your tools and use QR codes in various ways. A Pro plan will even let you use a custom domain and remove any SaferCodes mention.

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